48 hour book challenge: wrap-up

For my personal 48 hour book challenge, I set a goal for myself of reading 2 books in 48 hours. For my two books, I chose Valiant, by Holly Black, and Snow, Fire, Sword, by Sophie Masson.

I thought it would be challenging for me to read two books in 48 hours, because it usually takes me several days to read one book. Not only did I complete the challenge, but I was surprised how easy it was to read a fair bit when I actually devoted time to it. Not only that, but it was really enjoyable to just sit and read for several hours at a time. That tells me that I should probably set more time aside for reading. With everything else going on in life, I guess I just keep pushing reading time aside because I’m too busy.

It was also good for me to push myself on doing the two reviews quickly. I usually like to stew on a book for a while and think about it before I post a review, but I found that pushing myself to review the books right away actually worked out pretty well.

Thanks to MotherReader for proposing the challenge. It was really fun to do the challenge, and also to check in with the other participants to see how they were doing. I’m amazed at how many books some of you were able to read!

Total books read: 2
Books read:
Valiant, by Holly Black
Snow, Fire, Sword, by Sophie Masson.
Total pages: 667