BEA: Interesting books part 2

My husband picked up an autographed ARC of a book called Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse, by Kaleb Nation and published by independent publisher Sourcebooks. I’d never heard of the book, but it sounded interesting and I admire Sourcebooks, so I tucked it away to look into later. Since then, I’ve had several people, including teens, tell me how hot it is and how lucky I am to have an ARC.

Now I’m intrigued; apparently this book has been generating some prepublication buzz. I checked his Facebook page and it has 1275 fans. I usually have my ear pretty close to the ground when it comes to YA fantasy, so it’s surprising for me to discover a book that I’ve never heard of that’s generating this kind of buzz. I haven’t read this book either, so I can’t recommend it, but it’s certainly one that’s going on my TBR pile.

Here’s the publisher’s description:

In a bustling metropolis where magic is outlawed, a six-year-old child is found inside a locked bank vault. A scrap of paper reveals his name: Bran Hambric. The child remembers nothing of his life before the vault. Only magic could have done this. But why would any mage risk breaking the law to place a child in a bank vault?

Eight years later the City of Dunce has forgotten about Bran. Even his foster parents don’t seem to know he exists. But there are those who have been watching, biding their time, waiting to strike, people who know where Bran came from and why he was sent away. And they will do anything to get Bran back, dead or alive…

Welcome to a world unlike any other where the adventure of a lifetime is just beginning.