Book Review: The New Policeman

The New Policeman

by Kate Thompson

Something is happening in the world: somehow there’s never enough time anymore. It never used to be this way, did it? J.J. Liddy sets out to find out where all the time is going; he’s determined to find more time for his mother for her birthday. But J. J. finds more than he bargained for, as his quest for time intersects with his love of music, his family’s past, and the land of Tir na n’Og.

The New Policeman is a delightful treat and just plain fun to read. Magic, music, and surprises ooze from every page. It’s hard to describe this book; it’s unlike any other that I’ve read. What can you say about a book that has a page of music at the end of every chapter? (I’ve read books with music before, but none that integrated music with the story to this extent). It made me wish that the book came with a CD of the music so that I could hear what it sounds like. The writing is light and humorous and full of witty social observations. And it’s fun to watch the different story threads come together. In that respect it reminded me of Holes: there’s that “aha” moment when you see how it’s all going to come together.