Book Review: The Secret of Grim Hill

The Secret of Grim Hill
by Linda DeMeulemeester

The Secret of Grim Hill is a 2007 Cybils nominee.

It’s Cat Peters’ first day at Darkmont High, and everything is going wrong. Cat just moved to a new town, and she doesn’t know anyone at her new school. By the end of her first day, she’s accumulated several demerits, alienated all her teachers, lost points in several classes, and made no friends. The only student at the school who even acknowledges her existence is Jasper Chung, who skipped a grade and is younger than everyone else at the school. It doesn’t look like thing are going to get any better at Darkmont, so when Cat learns that nearby private school Grimoire is holding a soccer match and offering scholarships to all the members of the winning team, Cat is determined to go for it.

Cat gets so caught up in the competition that she doesn’t notice that something seems amiss. Jasper and Cat’s sister Sookie try to warn her, but Cat’s just happy that since she made the soccer team, everything seems to be going right. Perhaps a little too right…

The Secret of Grim Hill is just gently spooky enough to be fun without being overly scary. It’s a straightforward, fast-paced story and an easy read that’s perfect for tween reluctant readers.