Book Review: The Sisters Grimm: Once Upon a Crime

Once Upon a Crime
The Sisters Grimm, book 4
by Michael Buckley

Puck was seriously injured in the battle with the Jabberwocky, and Sabrina, Daphne, Granny Relda, and Mr. Canis take him to New York City to get help from Puck’s family in the Faerie Kingdom. The Faerie Kingdom is full of surprises; it resembles the mob, including fairy godfathers who carry wands in violin cases. The Grimms are taken prisoner by the fairies, and then become embroiled in a murder investigation and fairy kingdom politics. Even worse in Sabrina’s eyes is the discovery that her mother was involved with the Everafters; her mother’s secret life threatens to destroy Sabrina’s cherished memories of her “normal” life before the Everafters.

Michael Buckley was a stand-up comic before he was a writer, and it shows in his writing. The Sisters Grimm books are funny, and this one is no exception. From the six dwarves running the subway to Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother as a washed up, tacky fashion designer, Buckley’s characterizations of the fairy tale characters in the modern world is hilarious. There’s plenty of excitement, too, between the murder investigation, the search for the Scarlet Hand, and run-ins with various monsters and villians. The character of Sabrina is developed more in this book, and even Puck experiences some growth. Don’t worry, though: he’s still the Trickster King.

The Sisters Grimm books are light, fun reading perfect for the beach. Fans of The Sisters Grimm series will enjoy this book; anyone who hasn’t read the series will probably want to start with The Fairy-Tale Detectives.

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