Book Review: The Titan's Curse

The Titan’s Curse
Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 3
by Rick Riordan

When Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth sneak in to Westover Hall boarding school to help Grover retrieve two half-bloods, they encounter a deadly Manticore. Annabeth is thrown over a cliff, and the others barely survive with the help of Artemis and her Hunters. When Artemis goes on a dangerous mission, she orders her hunters, all immortal preteen girls, to take sanctuary at Camp Half-Blood. But when Artemis disappears and the Oracle makes a new prophecy, a combined group of Hunters and Half-bloods go on a quest to find and rescue Artemis before it’s too late. But the prophecy predicts a grim future. Who will be lost in the land without rain? And who shall perish by a parent’s hand?

The Titan’s Curse breaks little new ground, but it’s just as fun and clever as the previous books in the series. Filled with excitement and Riordan’s trademark humor, it’s a book sure to appeal to kids and adults. The Titan’s Curse did do more to convey how disconcerting it would be to have an Olympian god or goddess as a parent. All the normal parent-child issues are magnified, and how can you have a close relationship with a being who is so much larger than life? Even when Poseidon compliments Percy, it’s an uncomfortable, awkward moment. Even with all that, though, and in spite of the danger, one can’t help but feel it would be cool to be a half-blood.