Non-Kidlit blogs I read

Hey, I’ve been tagged! MotherReader tagged me with the new (altered) meme started by Liz at A Chair, A Fireplace and a Tea Cozy: name five non-kidlit blogs you read. Gulp! Will I sound like too much of a nerd if I say I’m not sure that I have five? I’m up to about 30 kidlit blogs that I read regularly, but not many others. So here’s what I have:

  • My favorite non-kidlit blog is Sci-fi tech. It’s a great and often humorous look at new and upcoming gadgets. My favorite posts are those written by Adam Frucci; I like his style.
  • The Small Press Blog has interesting news, interviews, and information about small press publishing and publishers.
  • I’m not sure if this counts as a blog, but as a Mac user, Apple Insider keeps me up to date on the Apple world.
  • Even though I’m not blogging to make money (if I were, I’d be failing miserably), I read ProBlogger. He posts on a variety of topics relating to blogging, and not all of them are about making money with your blog. I sometimes find good tips and information there.
  • Finally, like many of you, I assume, I read GalleyCat.

Whew! I just squeaked under the wire with five. Now I have to figure out who to tag, who hasn’t already been tagged yet. The bloggers I know best are those that were on the Cybils F/SF nominating committee with me; Michele (Scholar’s Blog) has already been tagged, but I think that Kim Baccellia, Gail Gauthier (Original Content), and Miss Erin are still fair game, so if you guys are interested in playing, consider yourselves tagged. I’m hoping that Miss Erin will post some interesting theater blogs!