Recommended Book: Lois Lane Fallout

Lois Lane: Fallout

by Gwenda Bond

Young Lois Lane arrives in Metropolis as an army brat changing schools again. Lois has a bit of a history, and has promised to stay out of trouble in this school. But a job on the Daily Planet's student paper, the Daily Scoop, and an investigation into cyberbullying, stirs up more trouble than even Lois bargained for. A shady research lab may be performing illegal mind-altering experiments on students, and the principal of the school just might be in on it.

Don't miss this book! It's a fantastic and fun book that's sure to please Lois fans, and anyone who isn't already a fan is sure to be one after reading this. Lois is a refreshing character. She's smart but manages to make smart look cool. She's got a rebellious streak, but still has a good relationship with her family. This is a Lois who needs no rescuing; she's the one who does the rescuing. As she tells her mysterious online cyber penpal, SmallvilleGuy, they're both the same in that they both like to help people.


Lois Lane: Fallout has a cast of characters that seems diverse in a natural way. The other three reporters that Lois works with at the Daily Scoop include a blonde white girl who is a music geek, a preppy rich teen whose father was a former politician who went to jail for embezzlement, and a computer geek with an afro who hangs with the cool kids. The girl Lois is trying to help is named Anavi Singh, and while I don't remember mention of her ethnicity, I assume from the name that her family is originally from India.


  • Young Adult
  • Superhero
  • Strong Female Protagonist
  • Journalism

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Source: Review copy obtained at BookExpo America

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