Review gratitude

Two great reviews of my husband’s book, The Dark Dreamweaver, have been posted during the last week:

  • Carrie Spellman reviewed it for TeensReadToo. Carrie gave it five stars and called it “A great fantastic adventure that seamlessly weaves a good story in with important lessons.” Read the review here.
  • S.M.Duke reviewed it on his blog, The World in the Satin Bag (which is also the name of his YA fantasy blog novel, which can be read on his blog). Mr. Duke called it, “…a powerfully driven tale with swift and well drawn action, interesting puzzles, and a well paced plot.” Read the review here.

Thanks so much to Ms. Spellman and Mr. Duke for your kind words and for taking the time to review it!

If any bloggers or reviewers would like a copy, I’d be glad to send you one. Just email me at sruth at wandsandworlds dot com.