Seventh Carnival of Children's Literature

Thanks for coming to help with the harvest. The apples are turning red and the wheat is ripe in the field. It’s time for the Fall harvest, and it looks like a good crop of children’s literature!

Before the harvest, the crops had to be planted, and luckily we have a host of great writers and illustrators planting the seeds of children’s literature:

As we harvest the fields, we feel closer to the Earth and are reminded of the beauty of nature all around us:

We’re almost done the harvest, and the children are running around enjoying the freedom and the autumn air.

Now it’s time to bring in the harvest, and what a harvest it is! Look at this great crop of children’s literature:

As we bring in the last of the harvest, be sure to leave the last of the grain to make a corn dolly to house the spirit of the grain until next year.

Now that the harvest is in, it’s time to give thanks for the bountiful harvest, and think about our lives and our values:

And as we give thanks for the abundance of the harvest, we should think about helping those in need:

It’s time to build the bonfire and celebrate! And there’s nothing like good stories told around the bonfire. Several children’s lit bloggers share their favorites:

The stories are over, the children are asleep, and now it’s time for dancing around the bonfire:

As we wind back to our homes, I’d like to thank everyone for coming and for sharing their harvest. It’s been really fun reading all the submissions. Next month, the eighth carnival will be hosted on Scholar’s Blog, so be sure to get your submissions in! Submissions are due on October 15.

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