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  1. Lassie, Devil Horns, Hot Men, and Worldbuilding: Day 2 at BEA

    Anyone training for a marathon should consider three days at BookExpo America for building endurance. By the end of day 2, every muscle and joint in my body aches. But it’s so worth it to spend three days surrounded by books and book people. I spent the first part…

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  2. YA books, Star Wars, and Graphic Novels: BookExpo America 2014 Day 1

    My day started bright and early at 8am, as I attended the Harlequin Teen Blogger Breakfast. I sat next to the friendly bloggers from Bookcrastinators in wonderland, who have the fun tagline, “Why put off until tomorrow what you can read today?” This was their first BEA, and I enjoyed…

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  3. Thoughts on BookExpo America and BookCon

    So, yesterday I read this article in PW about Reed Exhibitions’ plans for the new BookCon on the last day of BookExpo America (BEA). I posted an off-hand comment on Twitter and Facebook that I thought the new plan was great. Apparently, my comments weren’t clear, and some people…

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