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  1. Don't overlook these books!

    I love the seven books my panel selected as the finalists for YA Speculative Fiction. I’m really proud of our shortlist as a representation of the best YA Spec Fic books of 2014. However, there are always the ones that got away, the ones that didn’t quite make…

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  2. Book Review: Underneath

    Underneath by Sarah Jamila Stevenson Sunny Pryce-Shah is devastated when her cousin Shiri commits suicide. How could Shiri do it? Shiri always seemed so confident, and Sunny looked up to her older cousin. Then Sunny starts to hear thoughts, and from cryptic comments in Shiri’s journal, she suspects that…

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  3. Book Review: SYLO

    SYLO by D.J. MacHale Synopsis: When tailback Marty Wiggins suddenly drops dead in the middle of a high school football game, it’s the beginning of a strange series of events that will disrupt quiet Pemberwick Island just at the end of the tourist season. The backup tailback, freshman…

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