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  1. Recommended Book: Coal: Everleaf Series Book One

    Coal Book One of the Everleaf Series by Constance Burris ISBN: 978-1508912644 Coal is an enjoyable mythic fantasy with themes of loyalty and betrayal, prejudice, and child abduction. Coal is a sixteen-year-old human who has lived in the fey realm since he was five. His best friend is Princess Chaldecony,…

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  2. Book Review: The Name of the Blade by Zoe Marriott

    The Name of the Blade by Zoë Marriott Mio Yamato has a secret sword hidden in the attic. Her grandfather, Ojiichan, showed it to her when she was nine years old, He told her that the sword would be hers when she turns 16, but he made her promise not…

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  3. Book Review: Wildwood Dancing

    Wildwood Dancing by Juliet Marillier Jena and her four sisters have a secret: every month at the full moon they travel to the Other Kingdom through a secret passage in their room. There, they spend the evening dancing and socializing with the various Folk of the Other Kingdom. It’s…

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