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  1. Book Review: Shadows

    Shadows by Robin McKinley It’s not just that Maggie misses her father, or understandably resents her new stepfather, Val. No, it goes beyond that: Val has too many shadows. Whenever Maggie looks at him, she sees him surrounded by wiggly shadow shapes with too many appendages. It can’t…

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  2. Book Review: Conjured

    Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst Synopsis: Eve remembers nothing. No past, and not even any recent memories. Eve isn’t even her real name – she has no idea who she really is. All she knows is that she’s in the witness protection program, and that she can do magic.…

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  3. Book Review: Skin Hunger

    Skin Hunger A Resurrection of Magic: Book One by Kathleen Duey Skin Hunger is a 2007 Cybils finalist. Sadima has a special ability: she can understand animals. But Sadima doesn’t dare tell her father or her older brother. When Sadima was born, her mother had a difficult birth. A…

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