Vocabulary quiz/meme

I don’t often participate in these meme things, but I love words, so when I found out about this vocabulary quiz, I couldn’t resist. »

Harry Potter tag

Alyssa of The Shady Glade [http://theshadyglade.blogspot.com/] tagged me for a cool Harry Potter meme. [http://theshadyglade.blogspot.com/2007/06/harry-potter-tag.html] Thanks, »

8 Things Meme

I’m not too big on talking about myself – it sounds so egocentric and frankly, I’m just not all that interesting. But I’ve been »

My Daemon

Thanks to Tasha at Kids Lit, [http://www.greenlakelibrary.org/kidslit/archives/014357.html] I discovered that The Golden Compass movie site has a quiz you »

Non-Kidlit blogs I read

Hey, I’ve been tagged! MotherReader tagged me [http://motherreader.blogspot.com/2007/03/non-kid-lit-blogs.html] with the new (altered) meme started by Liz at A »