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  1. Updates and notes, August 11, 2008

    I’m back from the beach, and had a wonderful time and perfect weather the whole week. I love reading on the beach; there’s not much that’s more relaxing than lying in a beach chair, reading a book, listening to the surf, smelling sand and salt water and…

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  2. Where are the monarchs?

    My family is obsessed with monarchs butterflies. Every summer, we collect monarch eggs and raise them to adulthood, at which point we release them. We have a butterfly garden, where we can observe the monarchs and other butterflies in their natural habitat. My husband even wrote a book in which…

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  3. Monarch buttefly deforestation

    Anyone who knows me, knows how important the monarch butterflies have been in my life. My family started raising monarchs together as a family project six or seven years ago, and every summer we search for monarch eggs, nurture them through all the stages, and release the butterflies. These little…

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