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  1. Recommended Book: Coal: Everleaf Series Book One

    Coal Book One of the Everleaf Series by Constance Burris ISBN: 978-1508912644 Coal is an enjoyable mythic fantasy with themes of loyalty and betrayal, prejudice, and child abduction. Coal is a sixteen-year-old human who has lived in the fey realm since he was five. His best friend is Princess Chaldecony,…

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  2. Book Review: Ship of Souls

    Ship of Souls by Zetta Elliott Dmitri, or D for short, never knew his father, so when he loses his mother to cancer, he is put into foster care. His new foster mother, Mrs. Martin, is nice enough, but she has her hands full with a crack -addicted baby and…

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  3. Book Review: The Call to Shakabaz

    The Call to Shakabaz by Amy Wachspress When their mother died, Doshmisi, Denzel, Maia, and Sonjay came to live with their Aunt Alice on her ranch. The four children find life on the ranch boring, until Midsummer Eve, when Aunt Alice and the children’s two uncles awaken them in…

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