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  1. Cover released for The Last Olympian! (Percy Jackson Book 5)

    The cover has been released for The Last Olympian, the fifth and last book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series! You can see the new cover to the left. Also see the Interview with Blackjack the Pegasus on Rick Riordan’s blog. The Last Olympian will be published…

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  2. Updates and notes, August 11, 2008

    I’m back from the beach, and had a wonderful time and perfect weather the whole week. I love reading on the beach; there’s not much that’s more relaxing than lying in a beach chair, reading a book, listening to the surf, smelling sand and salt water and…

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  3. Book Review: The Titan's Curse

    The Titan’s Curse Percy Jackson & the Olympians Book 3 by Rick Riordan When Percy, Thalia, and Annabeth sneak in to Westover Hall boarding school to help Grover retrieve two half-bloods, they encounter a deadly Manticore. Annabeth is thrown over a cliff, and the others barely survive with the…

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