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  1. Book Review: Conjured

    Conjured by Sarah Beth Durst Synopsis: Eve remembers nothing. No past, and not even any recent memories. Eve isn’t even her real name – she has no idea who she really is. All she knows is that she’s in the witness protection program, and that she can do magic.…

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  2. Sarah Beth Durst takes on Snow White and Rose Red

    Sarah Beth Durst, author of Cybils Fantasy and Science Fiction finalist Into the Wild, has an ongoing feature on her blog where she posts obscure fairy tales with humorous commentary. Last week she posted a hilarious version of the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Snow White and Rose Red. If you…

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  3. Book Review: Into the Wild

    Into the Wild by Sarah Beth Durst Julie is just an ordinary teen, except for a few tiny things. Like the fact that her mother is Rapunzel, her brother is Puss in Boots and her grandmother is a Wicked Witch. And where most teens might have dirty clothes under their…

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