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  1. So you want to write a children's book?

    As a publisher, I subscribe to a lot of book publishing and marketing newsletters. Yesterday, I received the following email from two of those newsletters: Ever wanted to write a children’s book? If so, publishing your work as an e-book on Amazon’s Kindle platform is a great way…

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  2. Do non-interactive books do a better job of encouraging literacy than interactive books?

    A recent study by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center seems to indicate that they do. The study found that when parents and children read together, children recall significantly more details when reading print books or regular, non-enhanced ebooks than they do when reading interactive ebooks. In addition, children engage with…

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  3. A plea to indie authors and publishers

    I’ve long been an advocate for indie authors and indie publishers. As a former president and current member of the MidAtlantic Book Publishers Association, I have worked to help improve both the quality of indie publishing and the recognition for those involved. As an organizer of the Cybils awards,…

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