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  1. Cybils Awards: Five Reasons to Apply as a Judge!

    Everyone else is doing it, so I thought I’d post my five reasons why you should apply to be a Cybils Awards judge. As you would expect, there’s a lot of overlap with other people’s reasons, but I’ll add my own spin on them, and with…

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  2. Book Review: The Summer Prince

    The Summer Prince by Alaya Dawn Johnson June and her best friend Gil are thrilled to wrangle an invite to the official celebration of the newly elected Summer King, Enki. But they never anticipate that Gil and Enki will fall in love, or how much Enki will affect both of…

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  3. Cybils Awards 2013: Speculative Fiction

    Every year since 2006, I’ve participated in one way or another in the Cybils Awards, the annual award for children’s and young adult books given by the children’s book blogger community. For most years, I’ve been Category Chair for the Fantasy & Science Fiction category. This…

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