Welcome to Wands and Worlds Redux!

After ten years of blogging, it was time for a change. I've moved my blog to the Ghost platform, which I'm rapidly coming to love. It's so easy to use!

I'm also going to be making some changes. I'll still be focusing on children's and YA speculative fiction, but it'll be a little less review-centric, and hopefully a little more relaxed and fun.

For a long time I've been pretty obsessive and serious about the reviews I write. I spend hours on each review, trying to provide a thorough evaluation of each book that would be helpful to anyone considering purchases. But since it takes me so long to write a review, I've always been a sporadic poster at best.

But what I really want is to share the books I love. I'll still post the occasional longer, critical review, but I also want to post more frequent shorter posts recommending great books without necessarily delving into every aspect of them. I'll also try to be a little less of a perfectionist about my posts.

This new blog is a work in progress, and I'm not sure yet exactly where it'll be going. But I hope you'll hang in there with me though this journey. You can subscribe to the RSS feed or follow me on social media using the icons on the left, or under the menu if you're on mobile.

Thanks for sticking with me!