Yes, it really is as bad as we feared

Last night we went to see the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie. One of the trailers that played before the movie was a preview for The Dark is Rising movie – and from the preview it looks like it’s going to be as bad as we feared. I almost wouldn’t have recognized it if they hadn’t called the boy Will Stanton early in the preview. There was very little there that I recognized, although I admit it has been a few years since I read the books, and I don’t have a good memory for details. There was this whole mall/security guard thing going on that made me think, “What the heck?” (And I thought that I read that in the movie Will was an American living in Britain – if so, why do the people in the mall speak with American accents?)

Even worse, the character of Will looks completely different. In the book, it always seemed to me that he had a depth to him even from the very beginning, that made it totally believable that he was an Old One. The Will in the movie trailer seems to be a gee whiz teenager who thinks it’s really cool to be able to do magic stuff.

Looking at the trailer objectively, if I didn’t know the book I’d think it looked like a pretty cool movie. Which, unfortunately, doesn’t bode well. There will probably be enough people who haven’t read the book going to see the movie that Fox Walden will feel vindicated.

View the trailer here and judge for yourself

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